Multimodal transport uses 45ft containers and at least two different means of transport in direct or connecting routes (by rail, sea and road), if this is allowed based on the type of the cargo carried.

Mark Multimodal stands out in its target markets thanks to its capable agency network abroad and the flexibility that comes from boasting Turkey’s largest 45ft container fleet.


Advantages of Multimodal Transportation:

  • Offers higher loading capacity compared to sea freight containers.
  • It is not affected by the frequent problems with “Transit Documents” encountered by land transport vehicles in this region.
  • It offers a fixed-price guarantee throughout the year.
  • The number of weekly departures is higher compared to sea freight.
  • It is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Alternative modes of transportation are more cost-efficient compared to sea freight and land freight.
  • It is less often effected by external factors (border checkpoints, traffic and so on).

Meet Multimodal Transportation!